Abdul Maikaba

Coach Abdul Maikaba has a ‘Football Vision and Philosophy’ that he aspires to share with Grassroots Coaches across Nigeria, he aims to encourage upcoming young coaches in the noble coaching profession, reason he has launched a website for Grassroots Coaches and becoming the first Coach in Nigeria Professional Football League to achieve this, imposing a unique football culture.

His desire is also to assist the next generation of coaches in achieving a sustainable football pattern that will help develop local football and lead us back into our glorious years, initiating process of consistent improvement of the standard of football played across Nigeria.

Maikaba said on his social media platform,” I believe football is about using the ball in a positive manner under all circumstances and not minding the opponents.

” My many years of coaching experience has showed me that the key to winning games and disorganizing opponents lies in keeping ball possession with sufficient mobility at all times, thus getting the adversary running after the ball.

Abdul Maikaba

Permit me to introduce to you, what I call the “Retieni e Passa” football philosophy, is really about Possession and Passing Football, key attribute of competitive football.

” I am glad to inform you that to learn more about the “Retieni e Passa” football philosophy just log on to my website, www.theabdulmaikaba.com and everything you need to know shall be made available to you, it’s also a great privilege to be the first Coach in Nigeria Professional Football League to launch a website for Grassroots Coaches across Nigeria to learn.
You can also follow Coach Maikaba on his Social Media handle, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @theAbdulmaikaba and also on www.theabdulmaikaba.com for more updates and principle of the game relating to attacking football.

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