The General Manager of the, Prince Davidson Owumi, introduced the new Technical Adviser to the players. He assured them of equal playing time and opportunity, provided they are in form.

Coach Maikaba could not hide his Joy and excitement meeting the players for the first time, assured them of good and sexy football that will improve their football knowledge and make them a better player in the football community.

He acknowledged cheers from the players confirmed knowing almost all the players either personally, facially or by name. He solicited for their cooperation to make his dreams a reality.

According to him, ” I now work in an environment where achieving result is a must. I believe with the total commitment I have seen in you guys, from what I observed in training and match which I watched once each, I am really satisfied with what I saw. With unity, we will achieve high level of cohesiveness if we are united in a purpose”.

He further confirmed that, “there is no need bringing more Players. I can work with the people I have seen here. But have trust in me the way I have on you”. We would learn, and apply practices in training sessions, to produce magnificent style of play, also to improve your ‘speed, agility, technique and positional play – a unique opportunity to step up team’s performance from the highest level.

The Technical Adviser is well motivated to take Rangers International Football Club of Enugu to greater heights. The Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu is nicknamed “The Cathedral” which translate to mean “slaughter house” due to the team’s intimidating home records in the league.

Apart from winning the league as a set target, booking a continental ticket is another target the new Technical Adviser cannot afford to miss.

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